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Diwali Gift - Tour your Vacation Holidays

Enjoy Diwali Gift  - Tour your Vacation Holidays

Enjoy Diwali Gift  - Tour your Vacation Holidays
Diwali Vacations

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Birthday Gifts for Children's

Birthday Gifts for Children's

Monkiezzz – at your doorstep …

Birthday Party Organizers. We deliver Return Gifts

About Us

monkiezz 13Return Gifts

for Children Birthday Party

birthday party boys girls
We deliver return gifts for your Birthday Party, Social Events or any other kinds of Celebrations.
Organized a Birthday Party which had more than 70 members with DJ with good music and good food. Use Monkiezzz gifts for your party functions sports etc with no extra cost and gifts with minimum price starting from Rs 20/-.
Here we offer wide range of different variety of products under easy to browse categories and sub categories.
All our products are brand new and of A- grade quality, we offer never seen products at the cheapest rates possible, they are not easily available anywhere in the market. Our team is always ready to respond to your queries and ensure the delivery of goods on time.
  • Toys
  • Gifts
  • Stationery
  • Printed Items
  • Handicrafts
  • Useful things
  • Books
  • Educational items
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The biggest reason for using our service is that you think of a party and the gifts are just a call away and that too at your doorstep.
We have more details on our website which would update you with more information …. log on
That is why its named as Monkiezzz at your doorstep.
Ms. Narinder Kaur Hanspal
monkiezz 3

Return Gift Ideas

If you're looking for educational gifts for kids, Hasbro carries a wonderful little book by the name of My Little Pony and this book is a straightforward "Look and Find" book. This is a book that will not involve reading but it does require the children to browse through the book and match items. Mattel features a music station produced by Fisher-Price for babies and toddlers to learn music. This style of plaything will be awesome educational gifts for little ones that like music. It's a piano with bright colored keys or animals to push or pull or move along with the sounds or pictures on the tv set. This plaything attaches to your television set. There are 2 stages. The first level of learning is designed for babies as early as nine months and the second level is ideal for babies 18 months and older. This learning and educational plaything has animation and melodies and it indicates the child the directions in a fun way so the infant will surely have a pleasant learning experience.

Birthday Party Celebrations

Gifts for Birthday Party Celebrations Everyone loves celebrations and surprises on the biggest occasion of their lives from wedding to birthdays. With the fantastic favors, celebrations can be made more exciting and memorable and especially for birthdays. You can select different types of favors that are unique and personalized for birthdays. If you want your birthday party to be highly unique and unparalleled then you should consider using personalized chocolate and candies as your birthday party favors. Personalized chocolates are an inspiring idea for a birthday party favor and in fact, one can have name engraved wrapper also. Most of the people prefer birthday photos, family photos, and the birthday dates or any symbol or age of the person celebrating the birthday. It not only pleases the birthday boy/girl, but also gives the finest impression. Birthday guests always appreciate such party favors and keep them as a keep safe. A personalized chocolate or candy is supposed to be the greatest option for the guests at the event. In fact, it perfectly serves as a souvenir of the birthday event.

Organising - Party and Events

Organising - Party and Events Parties and ceremonies play a very important role in our social structure and ensure that we stay connected to the society in-spite of the rat race of our daily lives. These events allow us to interact with a vast population of people at once having something or the other in common and also allow us to relax and 'have a good time' as they say in the daily hectic schedule of our lives. These events not only serve the purpose of social interaction among different people, but also allow us to have an escape from our busy monotonous lifestyle.


Do you wish to book a Birthday Party with us ?


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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Diwali Gifts

One of the most common corporate gifts is to send a thank you gift. This can be to a long-standing customer or to a partner. There are a number of gifts that you can use for this purpose. It should be related to your business and the accompanying note should be on your company stationary. You can give a gift basket, fine wine set or even flowers depending on your business and the recipient of the gift.
Another reason to send a corporate gift is for good will purposes. Small gifts can be given to potential customers to help build up good business relationships. These should not be the usual stationary or pens but can be related to their personal likes. For example if you know that they are avid golfers then you can send a gift related to this.
Promotional gifts: these are gifts sent to potential customers, established customers and partners. They are used to promote brand awareness and build relationships with both business partners and customers. Sometimes it is just a set of pens or promotional pen. Banks and Real Estate agents give these tokens of appreciation to customers. Stationary can also be used for this purpose and is given by many businesses to their customers.
Seasonal: seasonal gifts can be given to service providers, clients and partners. Firstly you need to make a list so that nobody gets left out. If anyone does not receive a gift this can create bad feeling among workers and clients especially. If there are a lot of people to give gifts to then it is best to give the same gift to everyone. Gift baskets are popular gifts and wine is also given quite a lot.
Office colleagues: sometimes an employee has done a great job at the office. The gift should be general and not personal. Gift cards for around $25 are good presents to give. These are often in the form of certificates for department stores or even restaurants. Service providers also prefer cash like gift certificates.